Upon arrival at Sydney’s North Head peninsula, many visitors may first venture out to explore the surprisingly walkable streets that line Manly’s quaint commercial district. They may hike out to view parts of the rugged coastline that offer scenic glimpses of city views.

Manly Beach in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

…or they might elect to marinate in their own fluids then burn to a crisp on Manly Beach.

Roadside near North Head Quarantine Station

I, however, went straight out to visit an unceremoniously mowed roadside power line cut near the North Head Quarantine Station.

Drosera pygmea near North Head Quarantine Station

This is, of course, because I have delicate, refined taste in tourist attractions. I was also looking for Drosera. Drosera pygmea, to be precise.

The Quarantine Station, by the way, is now a luxury hotel complex but used to be a literal quarantine site for inbound peoples. The thing was started in response to the 1829–51 cholera pandemic. The smattering of socially-distanced “Officer’s Cottages,” “Heritage Suites” and “Q Rooms” look lovely in their current incarnation; they are also clearly priced out of my tax bracket.

Drosera binata habitat near North Head Quarantine Station

Back to the plants. There were also Drosera binata var. dichotoma in the same power cut but this is the closest image I made of them. The intention was to return to the spot to address the D. binata on a more individual level; that didn’t happen.

Cost of North Head looking towards Sydney Harbor

After a rather tumultuous night in an exceptionally awful, blindingly expensive hostel in Manly (there were no “Officer’s Cottages”), the Quarantine Head and Fairfax Track areas were next on the agenda.

Seep at North Head, viewed looking towards Sydney Harbor

Along Hole in Wall Track and surrounding areas, there are many lovely seeps that host more Drosera pygmea as well as Utricularia.

Utricularia uniflora at North Head in Sydney

Utricularia uniflora was particularly exciting to see scattered in peaty areas among sedges.

Utricularia uniflora habitat at North Head

Here is a slightly wider view of the habitat.

Utricularia lateriflora at North Head

Utricularia lateriflora also occupied some of the same areas.

Seep at North Head

Here is another of the coastal seeps.

Drosera pygmea plants in peat at North Head

Drosera pygmea had more abundant representation on some of the areas lining the South Head Heritage Trail. It grew both in peaty areas…

Drosera pygmea plants in sand at North Head, Australia

…and in sandy spots as well.

Thanks to Robert Gibson for wonderful information on the carnivorous plants here and in the Blue Mountains. There were many other plants to see around Sydney, throughout the state of New South Wales, and of course in Australia. My visit, unfortunately, was a very brief one.

Utricularia uniflora at North Head