Utricularia ramosissima inflorescence

When I ran across a paper describing a new Utricularia species from Thailand the thing gave my memory a good jog. Had I seen that plant already? After digging thorough a few hard drives, it looks like yes, I did see Utricularia ramosissima on a trip to Thailand a couple years ago!

Utricularia ramosissima flower - side view

Unfortunately I completely lack any photos of the plants or habitat… By the time I got to Pha Taem, it was almost completely dark and I didn’t have any provisions or bug netting. The motorbike I rented was also providing more than it’s fair share of amusement by overheating and dying at regular intervals. Excuses, excuses…

Two Utricularia ramosissima flowers

I’d like to go back to see the area again… Does anyone want to go to Thailand?

This site also hosts Drosera indica, Drosera burmannii and a few other Utricularia species in a rather convenient roadside seep. Pha Taem is a bit of a long ride from Ubon Ratchathani, though. At least it was for me; I neglected to bring a decent map…